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What is the secret to reaching Page 1 of Google without doing SEO? What service enables you to retarget your website visitors to come back to you? Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising allows your ads to show up on the first page of Google within 24 to 48 hours! PPC is the key to getting instant traffic, leads and conversions.It’s especially useful if you have seasonal products and services or change business models or inventories quickly.

PPC Advertising
Envision Pay Per Click Marketing

What is PPC?

Pay per click advertising is form of online advertising where your ads are displayed in front of users when they use the keywords you target as they make searches in search engines. Remarketing is about having the ability to have your banner ads displayed to your website visitors after they have left and visit a site within the Google Display Network.

Why Do You Need PPC?

Paid Search Marketing

Are you trying to rank for highly competitive keywords but do not have the patience to wait for the results of SEO? Pay per click advertising allows you to reach the first page of Google instantly even for highly competitive keywords. Do you need more visitors to your site and more conversions? Businesses surveyed use PPC primarily to increase web traffic (63%) and get more leads (62%). Some 57% of businesses surveyed use PPC to increase their online sales revenue.

Do you want more online visibility for people who have already shown interest in your products/services without paying for impressions? Use remarketing and let your banner ads “follow” your prospects even after they leave your website.

Realize the instant targeted traffic, leads, and sales that PPC delivers to businesses! Retarget visitors who have left your website and transform them to customers! Get a PPC and a Remarketing consultation now!

Paid Search Marketing

Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing

You only pay for clicks. With traditional advertising, you pay a huge amount for media exposure to a wide audience but are unable to target users based on actual search and intent. With PPC, you get exposed to a targeted audience and pay only when someone actually clicks on your ads. Even if we are displaying banners with your phone number on them, you do not get charged when someone calls your phone number, only if they click on the ad. In essence, we can generate FREE phone calls for you to a massive audience!!!

With Remarketing, you get the ability to target those who have visited your website with banner ads visible to them when they visit other websites within the Google Display Network. You get free impressions enhancing your brand’s exposure as you only pay when someone clicks on your banner ads. You may target those visitors who have not converted into customers yet, or you may also target existing customers to continue doing business with you.

PPC Can Be Overwhelming, But We Can Help!

If you’re already advertising on Google Adwords, chances are you’re losing your shirt with it and your Adwords account is bleeding money that you don’t even know it! According to a new research, typical small businesses that advertise on Google waste over 25% of their budget! That’s because most small businesses don’t follow best practices such as regularly reviewing and tweaking their campaigns.

PPC is also continuing to become increasingly difficult. New Google features emerge regularly and to get the best ROI from Adwords, you have to stay ahead of the curve!

There are many ways to increase the ROI of your existing campaign and bring your cost per acquisition down. But if you don’t have experience, the time to invest to stay ahead of the trends or the knowledge to produce winning campaigns, then there is no better time to partner with us and let us help you.

PPC Marketing Strategies

Are You Utilizing These PPC Strategies?

Do you know which keywords are converting?

Are you using day parting?

Have you tested using dynamic text in your ads?

Do you utilizing broad, modified broad, phrase, and exact match, match types?

Are you tracking which keywords aren’t converting and negative matching them?

Bidding on enough keywords to bring in the max number of customers?

Do you have Landing pages designed and tested for Ad groups?

Are you using call-tracking with voice recording to track conversion?

Do you know your Ad Rank?

Paid Search Marketing

What We Do – PPC Services

Google Adwords Account Setup

Market and Keyword Research

Campaign and Ad Groups Setup

Google Analytics Setup

Conversion and Goals Tracking Setup

Campaign Optimization

Keyword and Bid Optimization

Budget Management

Ad Creative Creation

Split Testing

Click Fraud

Cut Wasted Ad Spend with Google

Don’t spend more than you should. We help you “cut the fat” on wasted ad spend by optimizing your Google Adwords account.

We aim to achieve these goals with our PPC management solutions:

More leads

More sales

Better return

Zero risk, guaranteed!

Paid Search MarketingTake us up on our Risk Free PPC Audit, where we will show you where you are losing your shirt, and how to get it back! Our PPC management services pay for themselves, and we will prove it with our 30 day guarantee.  If we don’t increase your ROI, then you don’t pay! It really is as simple as that – absolutely no risk on your part :).

Here are the Steps to Take:

STEP 1  – Request your free mini Audit here:

STEP 2 – set an appointment to see the audit and learn a few tips that will save you money

STEP 3 – Order a full, comprehensive audit of your PPC campaigns to reveal weaknesses that could be costing you thousands.

STEP 4 – Sign up with us so we can stop the bleeding on your Adwords account right away!

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